Vedic Astrology Course For Career and Business Success

Most of us are curious to know about what the future holds. We want to know the answers to questions like, “Which career is right for me?”, “When will this happen?”, “Will I succeed in business?”, “Which business is right for me”, “Will I succeed in my career”, “Why is my boss giving me so much of trouble”, “Will I get a promotion?”  These questions can be answered if you know the right timing and position of the confluence of planets.


When you approach an astrologer, you are eager to find a solution to your problems. The astrologer gives his prediction. But there is no way to know the basis of his prediction if you lack knowledge of the science behind Astrology.


I used to think I was not lucky, but Astrology changed my thinking.  I just made used of the right timing.  All of us will encounter this timing.  Most miss it.  Some make use of it.  They succeed.  Don’t you want to make use of it???

The good news is that you can now learn to make your own calculated predictions of the future through simple Astrological techniques.  This course focusses on getting your career and business on track and achieve success which has been avoiding you forever.  Everyone has a particular time in their lives where the timing and planetary positions are absolutely Perfect for them to get a promotion, pay rise, business suddenly changes for the better, career gets a boost, business attracts more business.   Many people have made used on this timing and planetary positions which they call as “LUCK”.  But let me tell you that there is no such thing as luck.  Its timing and planetary positions and their energy which makes them successful.


During these confluence of planets they see things clearly, make use of the opportunity that stares at them directly, and embark on the road to success.  They do not know it will succeed until it happens.  But through Vedic Astrology we are able to formulate when these times will appear in your lives and usually more than once and for some it happens multiple times.  You want to be LUCKY, this is the course for you.  It has happened to me also.  It will happen to you.    Do you want to miss this golden opportunity???

Some of us have been led to believe that Astrology is for the scholarly and the mathematically inclined. But you can learn it too!! Like I did!  I made use of the LUCK which was staring at me!! So can YOU!!

Who should do it?

  • Everyone
  • Those who think they are not lucky and useless

Course Content:

Our Vedic Astrology course for Wealth includes:

  • Introduction to Astrology14424617357_87e0aba6d8_b
  • Understand How The Planets Influence Us for Career and Business Success
  • How Houses Affect Your Life & How They Have An Effect
  • The Qualities & Elements of the 12 Sun Signs
  • The Cardinal Signs
  • The Fixed Signs
  • The Mutable Signs
  • Fire Signs
  • Earth Signs
  • Air Signs
  • Water Signs
  • What Are Aspects? – Understanding Aspects & Angles
  • Planets in the Houses – What They Do & How They May Impact Your Life and Career
  • Planets in the Signs
  • The Angular Houses  – This Is Where You Start Things
  • Succedent Houses – This Is Where You Develop Things
  • Cadent Houses   – This Is  Where You Think (or not) & Prepare To Act
  • Career and Business confluence of planets and houses
  • How to make use of this confluence to Create Your Success
  • What are you good at and what business should you embark on


None at all

Why join the programme at Tirisula?

  • This course is taught by Master Paalu, the best Yogic Science and Philosophy teacher in the region.
  • Non- religious


  • 4 days of 7 hours daily done over 2 weekends = 28 hours


  • These are the course fees in Singapore. Course fees in other countries may differ slightly.
  • Early bird (Register 8 weeks before the start date of the course): SGD 3600
  • Standard fees: SGD 4200
  • Buddy fees : SGD 7000
  • The fees include a non-refundable SGD 300 registration fee.

When is it?

Pls check our schedule

Private Group Class

If you want to have a private group class, please contact us. Min 10 pax to start.