Vata-Pitta Dosha

My dosha is combination of Vata and Pitta according to Ayurveda. Ayuverda defined as “The Science of Life”, also known as “Mother of All Healing”. It originated from India and contains deep history and knowledge. Moreover, it emphasis on creating balance of the physical, mental and spiritual.

What is Vata?
Vata is composed of air and space. Subtle energy associated with movement such as breathing, blinking, muscle and tissue movement, and all movements in the cytoplasm and cell membranes. When it is on balance, it promotes creativity and flexibility. On the other hand, it produces anxiety and fear when unbalance.

What is Pitta?
Pitta is composed of fire and water, and represented as the body’s metabolic system. It is in charge for digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition, metabolism and body temperature. When it is balance, it promotes understanding and intelligence. On the other hand, it arouses anger, hatred and jealousy when unbalance.

The 3 Gunas
Guna is translated as “the three fundamental qualities or attitudes” of the manifest energy. Philosophically, the theory of the guns explains what this universe is made of and how it came to manifest itself as mind and matter. As yoga practitioners, awareness of the gunas allows us to recognise whether we are genuinely moving forward in life (sattva), running in places (rajas), or losing our way (tamas).
The 3 Gunas and Diet

1) Sattvic foods promote purity of mind, peace intelligence, and clear decision making. Some examples of food for Vata-Pitta are well ripened and sweet fruits (pomegranate, figs and avocadoes), cooked vegetables (pumpkin, okra and potato) and grains (corn, quinoa and oats). They should be eaten in as natural form as possible in state of raw, steamed or lightly cooked. Vata-Pitta should avoid foods such as dried fruits, coffee and dairy products.

2) Rajasic foods over stimulate the body and mind, creating restless, excited mind. Vegetables cooked in excess butter, with spicy and strong flavouring agents, are typical example of rajasic preparation.

3) Tamasic foods that lower our immune system, cloud the mind, and promote negative emotions. Examples are foods alcohol, tobacco and soft drinks.

How can I apply the 3 Gunas on a daily basis to bring balance on Vata-Pitta dosha?
Greek yoghurt with fresh cut fruits such as cantaloupe, ripe bananas and peaches. It is optional to add grains such as sunflower seeds and small amount of pistachios. Also, hot mint herbal tea as beverage.

Basmati rice with cooked vegetables (Stir-fry pumpkin, kale, mushrooms and beans), with chicken breast.

Chamomile tea with a handful of activated almond nuts.

Veggie wrap (sauté your favourite vegetables), add in salmon or chicken and cottage cheese.