Utthita Trikonasana ,My before and after.

Triangle pose builds strength and a sence of expansiveness,but also requires seablility and integration.like other yogis ,triangle is one of the first pose that i learn from the instructors .

when i first doing triangle ,i thought that if i could reach my hand to the floor,i was done.i was not yet aware that in reaching to the floor ,i had sacrificed the alighment of other body parts.my knee id droped ,my hips flew backward,my shoulder slumped forward.i had yet to learn to use my muscles to support me so that i had a strong foundation from which to extend.

Technique of the pose:

tuck in the tailbone and engage the gluteal muscles to maintain a firm stance.

square hips to the side

reaching the body to the front to the maximum

turn the neck and gaze up towards the raised thumb

make sure the respective knees and feet face trhe same direction

press the back heel down


stretches and strengthens the thighs,knee,and ankles

stretches the hips,hamstrings and calves,shoulders,chest and spine

improves digestion

help relieve stress

Beginners tip:

brace your back heel or the back of your torso againest the wall if you feel unsteady in the pose.

Find the correct technique to practise ,one day you will getting better and better.

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