Chair Pose

(utkata = “wild, frightening, above the usual”)



Stand in Tadasana


Raise both arms up, arms straight, join the palmsand at the same time (inhale)


Bend the knees and sit back on the heels, engage the abdominal muscles, push the buttocks back and keep the back straight

Tuck in the tailbone (posterior tilt)

Keep the knees behind the toes, try to sink deeper to 90 degrees (hold for 5 breaths)


Push through the heels and straighten the knees (inhale)

Lower the arms down at the side of the body (exhale)






Muscles engaged:

Strengthening of mainly the glutes (gluteus maximus), quads, transverse and rectus abdominus, deltoids and rotator cuff


Physical Benefits:

Tones the legs, especially strengthens the quadriceps

Tones the core muscles and helps to lift the ribs for fuller breathing

Stretches the achilles tendon and the calve muscles

Helps to reduce the symptoms of flat feet


Spiritual Benefits:

Also called the “powerful” or “fierce” pose



People with knee problems


How to deepen the pose:

Bend your legs to 90 degrees all the while keeping your butt back and the knees behind your toes, curl up your toes



Always maintain proper alignment

Don’t let the knees go over the toes

Create space between your thighs and belly

Tuck in the tailbone to prevent overarching of the lower back

Don’t let the knees bow outwards


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