Ustrasana- Camel pose

Yoga practioners should be familiar with Camel pose- I will not dive into ways into the pose or benefits that the asana brings. Unsure what is a Camel pose? Search for your best friend- Google (feel free to come back to this page after). Instead, I will be sharing an understanding of the body I had a few years back while practicing this asana.
I was first introduced Camel pose in a Bikram class and it is suppose to be the deepest backbend in the sequence. While I could feel my chest opened, back stretched and spine elongated, I did not feel as challenged as the neighbouring yogis. They had big smiles on their faces every time this pose was done- a sense of relief. I questioned myself- was I not doing the pose right.
On an occasion, I was reassured that my pose was correct when a yoga instructor commented that my Camel pose was beautiful. I was elated and fireworks were parading in my camel hump! That aside, that instructor came over when I did the next counter pose after Camel, Rabbit pose. Till today, I can never touch my forehead to my knees before lifting my hips up. He went on to explain that people with better backbends tend to be weaker on their forward bents. The fireworks in me ceased upon hearing that.
I pondered on what he said and it made complete sense. When you first start out in yoga with minimal strength and flexibility, it is a true depiction of the state of your natural body. That is, if you are not actively participating in any sports, not injured and that your physical body is still young at say, below 18 years old. You are able to figure out which part of your body is more flexible and then tendency is for the antagonist of that movement to be less flexible.
Well, I guess that can be trained and worked on. This is where the beauty of yoga comes in- to even and balance out the physical body since there are always poses and then counter poses. Practicing the yoga asana over time can lead to a balanced, healthy and happy body (woohoo).
One day, fireworks will be ignited in my Rabbit ears too. I am anticipating. Till then, adios amigos!
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