Be Unshakable with Satya

The first limb of Ashtanga Yoga is Yama. It can be understood as a moral framework, a guideline to how we conduct ourselves in life. Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth. It is one of the five yamas. It is about being truthful to yourself, living the way you want and should in the most virtuous and honest manner to yourself.
In today’s globalized world, with the help of media and travelogues, we hear more and we see more. We are flooded with influences from all over the world. Unknowingly, people become more westernized and modern in their way of life. Exposure to cultural differences can result in changes to one’s attitude and behavior be it for better or worse and I am no different. I cannot deny that I have fallen prey to these “inspirations”.
But like what Marcus Aurelius said “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” We fail to realize that sometimes these influences that we are exposed to draws us further away from learning our truth. At the exterior, we blindly chase after the society’s definition of success and happiness and readily conform to societal norms. But on the inside, are we living our truth? That begs the question – What is being truthful to myself? What is living my truth?
I have learnt that practicing Asana daily is more than going through the flow. It is about disciplining the mind to focus, putting away all thoughts and in the process of doing so, I have gradually found that calmness and peace which has slowly insisted its way into my life. This wonderful and uplifting experience that I feel inside is something I yearn and seek for and unknowingly, I have discovered my definition of truthful happiness, something that makes me shine inside, like inner beauty and strength in the mind from within.
Taking this disciplined mind outside, I have progressively learnt to direct myself and my life towards being truthful to myself on the inside instead of getting caught up with attaining society’s perspective of happiness and success on the outside. I have acknowledged that people will always impose their opinions and perspectives on you. You just got to be unshakable and truthful to yourself.
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