An unexpected Yoga adventure

I had never have a second thought about doing Yoga.
We have abundance of choices: run on land, swim/dive in water, fly in the sky, ski on the snow, martial practices with or without a sparing partner and many more. But I felt something is amiss. I doubt I understand much about my body especially after sustaining a few injuries, surgeries and lengthy recuperation.
In the last 6 months or so, I joined a beginner class I and II without understanding what were taught. I was not lazy this round though but it was a foreign language. I imitated all the body movements of my Yoga master till I made a few jokes. I did what she, a lady did which were not Yoga postures or movements. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the lessons. But I felt something was amiss. I beg it was understanding.
Indeed 10, 20 years ago, without the slightest hesistation, I would shrugged my shoulders when someone introduced Yoga to me. It could be a misconception, gender, an ego or something else. But that is no longer relevant to me today. In fact, my surrounding could be raising up their eyebrows when they knew about me pursuing this program. But I have self-surrendered. Giving out my familiar mindsets for a more appropriate and rejuvenating ones.
I know such issues remained with many other people. I think this is alright. Everyone has his/her journey. Is this not self-surrendered too.
Boon Chai

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