My Understanding on Yoga

My understanding of Yoga has been all about the union of body and mind until I attends this YTT course that I am introduced to the idea of body-soul connections. According to master Paalu, we need to have body-mind connections first before proceeds to body-soul connections.
So what is body-mind connections? It is about picking up the sensation felt by body, analysing the sensation and deciding on how to respond by the mind. So, after having this body-mind connections, shall we listen to our body? Personally, I will say that the decision is set by our intentions. For example, we have an intention to sit still contemplating our breath. In the process, we will feel discomfort. If we were to listen to the body every time, we will never get to our intention. On the other hand, if we resist from listening to the body, we are moving towards our intention. Another example, I have an intention to finish a task within a deadline. When my body is fresh, that will be my main intention. After working for long hours, my body gets tired and needs rest. At this time, I will re-adjust my intention to let the body rest well, because properly conditioned tool (our body state) is crucial for task completion. Of course, a disciplined mind is needed to ensure progress before switching between intentions. So to me, this body-mind connections is built so that we are able to serve our intention continuously in a state of well being.
How about body-soul connection? Master Paalu defined soul as something unique and it is the root of body and mind. This idea eludes me. If soul is equivalent to self, I do not see self as something unique. Instead, it is something that will change as we experience more, think more, learn more and aware more, which those actions are to be done by the body and mind. I mean a self needs to be nurtured first before it starts to serve the body and mind. Anyway, this is my little thought on the topic.
Tong Wei, Nov 2015

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