Understanding Trikonasana

Trikonasana (triangle pose) is one of the first few yoga asanas I’ve learnt when I first started yoga. Even though trikonasana seems like one of the basic yoga asanas, understanding the alignment and its benefits will make you realise that trikonasana is a deceptively simple asana.
It is shocking to realise how little emphasis alignment is on for the past two years of my yoga practice across different studios, different classes, and different instructors. It was only recently that I relearnt my alignment for trikonasana through the help of Master Paalu, and this made me understand how comfortable, safe, and painless the asana (in fact, all asanas) should feel.
One has the tendency to collapse into the flexibility of the hamstrings instead of actively engage the top hand and imagine a pulling sensation towards the ceiling, thus lengthening the spine and the torso. Not only that, another common mistake of trikonasana is collapsing into the lumbar spine, allowing the front ribs to pop out and thereby causing lower back pains.
Many lessons can be learnt from trikonasana. Yoga is often not about nailing the fancy looking asanas but also being acutely aware of every corner of your physical pose as you move into a seemingly simple asana. Trikonasana may seem easy, but there are so many minor adjustments to look out for to ensure proper alignment. This only further emphasizes on the importance of alignment in every single yoga asana, to ensure a safe and beneficial practice.
Angie (200hr weekend YTT)

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