Understand and Adapt to the Global Shifts

Understand and Adapt to the Global Shifts

By Joy Guru Paalu Ramasamy

Global Shift No. 1: Digital Shift. Mobile and effective devices would make computing and business more personal and social.

Global Shift No. 2: Manpower de-stablization. Indians, Chinese, Africans, Brazilians, people from all corners of the world would test, share and embrace best quality implementations, irrespective of origin.

Global Shift No. 3: Diffusion. Governments all over the world would see a slow but deadly loss of power due to Shift No.1 and No.2 spurred by incompetency arising out of hunger for control.

Global Shift No.4: Spiritualisation.  Religions all over the world would lose favour, people would shift to inner spiritualisation motivated by higher literacy rates and degradation of religious organisations.

According to me, Global Shift No.4 is the key to the first 3 shifts.  Spirituality cannot be expressed in words, there might be some indications, but the signs itself cannot fulfil the actual experience.  By pointing to the sun, the finger does not become the sun.

There is no spiritual scripture and there will never ever be one. All scriptures point towards spirituality, but the indication cannot be spiritual, they capable of only handling the mind to understand the indication.

It is not possible to explain the experience through the medium of thoughts, when there are no thoughts.  In spiritualisation, people want a first-hand experience, not hearsay nor some sermons.  They are not interested in brain washing. They want the experience, not the definition of the experience.

Companies all over are facing dire consequences if they still hold on to the idea that an individual charismatic leader is able to muster the support, move mountains and change the bottom-lines.  A company’s success is now dependent on the leader who is able to provide employees with direct, exponential, unadulterated experience. Creativity has to be partnered with compassion. Integrity has to partnered with freedom.  Loyalty has to be partnered with trust.  You cannot have loyalty without trust.  You cannot have integrity without freedom and you cannot have creativity without compassion.

At One Moment of Joy, we create the conditions necessary for employees to have a first-hand experience, energise them within and achieve the desired goals for the company.

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