Ujjayi – breath of new lifestyle

Ujjayi means victorious. This is a method through which lungs are expanded fully in all directions; hence, the chest expands and moves upwards similarly to that of a victorious warrior. The technique is to let the air pass through the throat to create soothing sound like ‘hhhh’ Inhalations and exhalations should be equal in duration, long and deep.
Ujjayi breathing helps bring me to self-awareness and controlled of getting into a pose, holding a pose while calming the mind and relaxing the body. I feel much connected between body and mind through Ujjayi. I even take Ujjayi breathing to non-yoga setting i.e. daily life. It’s a way to remind me to slow down and be mindful. I used to be very fast in doing everything including eating, walking, talking, and doing anything. With more slow breaths I take in, I become calmer and start to slow down. Then I start to notice that I have missed many little things along the way even things on the same street that I come and go everyday for work. I start to notice little things that my father care for me which I have always taken for granted. I become more appreciative of everything for better or worst. I feel more relaxed and happy. I even automatically ujjayi when unexpected, annoyed and upset situations arise to allow me to drift into the mindfulness without hasting into action and decision. Ujjayi to me is indeed a breath of new lifestyle.

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