Ujai breathing

My favorite planayama is Ujai breathing that reason way I like this breathing is because when you on your Ujai breathing it feels like im breathing deeper and after the Ujai I feel so calm. And most of all it’s easy to do,  I surech the benefit of Ujai breathing and this came out
❤️1:) By becoming able to breathe deeper that we do naturally, we can make our breath penetrate our inner body even to where the breath touches our cells.
❤️2:)This gives us emotional stability, and the effect of deep relaxation heals the body and heart.
❤️3:) It warms the body.
❤️4:) It cures insomnia (sleeplessness).
❤️5:) It helps the body expel itself of toxins.
❤️6:) It improves blood circulation, and eases blood tension that could cause heart disease.
❤️7:) It improves the function of the internal organs
✨When is the best time do do Ujai breathing?
-afternoon (17:00-18:00)
✨don’t recommend doing Ujai breathing
when your full
when pit is around
room full of perfume smell
these is the thing you need to know about Ujai breathing! This binifit made me wanna enjoy Ujai breathing more!! So many good thing about Ujai breathing isn’t it?? Hope you will enjoy your Ujai breathing too

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