By Ly Nguyen 200hr Weekday May’ 2014


Before comming to “200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training”, I really don’t know how breathing is important of  in our life ? Then I have studied about Uddiyana Bandha which is one of breating I like the best. do you know why ?

– It stimulate the function of pancreas and liver. Strengthen the internal organs

– To stimulate digestive system.

– The abdominal organs are massaged and toned.

– To improve blood circulation.

– To stimulate Manipura Chakra.

How to practice Uddiyana Bandha ?

–         Stand with the feet about half a meter apart. Keep the spine horizontal and bend the knees slightly.

–         Place the palms of the hands on the tighs so the knees can support the upper body, arms are straight.

–         Bend the head forward, expanding the chest.

–         Inhale deeply through nostrils. Bend forward from the waist and exhale all the air out through the mouth.

–         Hold this position as long as possible.

–         Release the abdominal lock. Relax the chest. Raise the head and torso to the upright position.

How many times to practice ?

In the beginning, to practice 3 rounds and slowly increase to 10 rounds after few months.

Practice note : Uddiyana Bandha must be practised on an empty stomach .