Types Of Teacher And Student

by JO
There are a few types yoga teacher in the world, Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. They have thier on path for teaching yoga, normally sattvic student will go to sattvic teacher, rajasic student will go for rajasic teacher and tamasic students will go for tamasic teacher.
1. Sattvic Teacher has 2 types, (A) Gunpowder & (B) Dry wood.
(A) Gunpowder- This type of teacher has no hypocrisy, high spisritual level and unable to come down to the level of normal people are. Only the highest gunpowder student can be taught by them and be able to understand them. Gunpowder student need very little work to reach perfection, and this is very rare. 
(B) Dry wood-  This teacher has studied all the scriptures and exprrience the inner silence. For those highly evolved person they are going in order to experience the teaching with dry wood teacher (Sattvic), they called dry wood student. Dry wood student is not a blind follower, not merely imiate but questioning, practicing, experiment and evolve experience.
2. Rajasic Teacher does not practice with what he preaches, he has followers but no disciples and they can be very fanatic. This teacher are bossy, like to control people and theatrically. They often involved in ceremonial regalia and formal religious leaders. Rajasic student attracted by rajasic teacher, because this type of student belives his teacher has a magic formula and not seeing the truth behind the teaching. Rajasic student is always reading nor practicing, without having personal experience and being a follower. 
3. Tamasic Teacher is such a teacher who offer live sacrifices, delving into black magic and voodoo. Only student who has no discrimination and interested in balck magic and voodoo will attach to this type of teacher, this student called Tamasic student.
By choosing a right teacher is very important, it affect your thinking and life. Get your training started with a right teacher and do the right training, you choose your own path.

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