Turning My Um In To A Ohm

So I have decided to do my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training.  

First let me tell you a little about me, I am 39 years old & just about to turn 40 officially middle aged, scary for some but I say bring it! I am overweight, unfit, a little anxious sometimes and have just recently found out that I have a slipped disc as well as other spinal issues and health issues.  So I guess that brings me to my Ummmm. 


Personally in life I have found a few things to be very true, karma really does exist & if I work at it my body will heal in time or at the very least I will know how to have a good attitude towards this can sometimes be even better.  I cannot do a full Garbha Pindhasana as much as I would love to and as fun as it really does look but when I am taken from clinic to clinic, or put in a MRI for over 30 minutes and given a panic button and lying there in pain I know to breath and connect to my breath and to just let it go. 


So I am of the opinion based on my personal experience Yoga really does make everything better, it helps clear the mind and bring us back to our breath and sometimes that is all we need. 

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