Turn Down The Noise

In one of Master Paalu’s lessons, he mentioned that when he observed his students, he would ask himself :”What is this person good at?” This sets me thinking: What am I good at? My mummy always said that I am Jack of all trade, Master of none. (I learnt ballet and Chinese dance in Primary school. Learnt Guzheng, Chinese Calligraphy and was in Badminton School Team in Secondary school, and Jc…university…working…) I think my dear mummy is right!
So I went to my book shelves and found this book bought by my hubby during our trip to Bangkok “Finding Your Element. How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life” by Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica.
This section in the book “Turn down the Noise” caught my attention.  Some of the interesting sentences are:
1)   To find your element, you have to get to know yourself better. You have to spend time with yourself, apart from other people’s opinions of you.
2)   You are bound to be affected by how people see you and by how you want to be seen by them-by what they want for you and what they expect from you.
3)   When you add the noise of the external world to all the roles you take in it, it is easy to lose sight of who you really are. To find your Element, you need to regain that perspective. One way is to create time and space to be alone with yourself, to experience who you are when no one else wants anything from you and the noise has stopped. One method is to meditate.
Meditate to find yourself. This sounds familiar…(15mins a day for 7 days) I am still on the journey to find my Element and hopefully I will find it one day.
Irene Low
200hr (Weekend July-Oct’13)

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