During the first week of YTT Master Paalu mentioned turmeric as a muscle anti-inflammatory (I wasn’t the only one with achy newly-activated muscles)!

This mention sparked a seed of interest. Through various  information sources from my further reading that evening, I found out that turmeric sounds like a wonder-substance.  It contains an active agent called curcumin.  As well as an anti-inflammatory , it is also anti- oxidant and anti-cancer/cancer blocker.
I tried the turmeric powder alone in water, found it to be quite pungent and bitter tasting, so I mixed it in hot water with lemon juice and Manuka honey (also health-beneficial) and it was very palatable, like a comforting tisane. I have also been making an effort to eat more turmeric-based recipes such as Dahl. And have been sprinkling it on potatoes, cottage cheese, anything really! The hazard to be aware of is the bright yellow/orange colour can stain clothes etc. Apart from that warning it seems like a no-brainer addition to a health-conscious diet.


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