Truth about Sirsasana (Headstand)

A young man used to do headstand (Sirsasana) regularly for long hours.  He felt fresh, healthy and vibrant according to his viewpoint.  He continued to increase the time he spent doing Sirsasana.  After a tipping point, he began to feel that his health was being affected.  He felt heavy all over his head, his shoulders were aching, his outlook on life changed dramatically.  He became melancholic, angry and discontented.
The system of flow of energy within the body is complex and subtle.  With experience and Samyama, you will understand that only a certain amount of blood is allowed to flow into the brain and facial region. Excess flow of blood allowed to flow into the brain region, will tip the balance, damage essential blood capillaries and lead to severe brain damage.
One of the reasons as to why human beings or homosapiens are able to enhance the brain capacity and develop the brain to such an extent is because we have stopped moving on four limbs and acquired capability to stand erect and walk with 2 limbs. That means, we are able to control and limit the amount of blood flowing to the brain to enhance balance.  We are able to create, invent, discover, uncover the unknown through the steady transference of the right amount of blood to the brain.  Animals on the other hand, are unable to do this. Too much blood flows into their brain, delicate tissues are damaged when blood flows in like a tsunami. Tissues and brain cells which are early in their growth stages are destroyed by the strong force of the blood flowing into the animal’s brain.
More to come on this in the next blog.

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