My true yoga journey begins here

My first experience with yoga/pilates was probably back in 2006 or 2007 with True. I tried all sorts from Hot, to Kundalini and Hatha/Vinyasa, but never thought of anything beyond them other than just being another form of physical exercise, with calm and zen-looking instructors. But there was just something about the instructors that made me want to become like them someday though I’ve always brushed those thoughts aside.
For someone who loves running, yoga and pilates at some point of time were just an escapade / replacement for me to skip from doing a cardio workout and just another way to meet “my requirement” of working out x number of times per week. After my package with True ended, I self-practiced yoga/pilates at home following my favourite ‘yogis/instructors’ on Youtube. Even then, I was choosy about it!
But why yoga eventually? Well, the real practice started in the 4th quarter last year when my cousin invited me for a yoga session with her friend. And that’s when we met Pearl, a YTT graduate from Tirisula. It’s probably the way the teaches, that I felt more connected with my inner self, or having achieved that headstand (which I was so fearful about thinking it was never gonna happen), or possibly, I’ve reached that phase of life where I was able to be more focused in the things I do…whatever the factors were, my yoga teacher definitely re-ignited my thought of being a yoga teacher back then.
Yes I’ve to admit that I was initially filled with so much self-doubts, wondering if I’m even good/fit enough for this, but I’m happy to say I never regretted my decision. Yoga is afterall, a journey about your individual self and never about competing with others. And I’m hoping to be able to share this practice with others. It’s true what Pearl said about this being a life-changing experience for her, cos I’m definitely starting to experience it myself now 🙂
– Farah Lyna H.

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