Trikonasana – technical description

To describe all the different movements of your body while performing an asana you can do it the technical way using so called Movement Terminology. There are terms for each kind of movement.
To describe a movement of your arm upwards from your body, means the arm is in a flexion, you decrease the angel between your arm and your shoulder and when you lower your arm back to neutral position back to your body, it is called an extension. There are technical expressions for each body movement that moves from the neutral position and for the movement back to the neutral position.
To get into the asana Uthitta Trikonasana you move your left and right leg in abduction, out from your midline on a coronal plane. That means your legs move out from your body, sideways in what looks like an triangle. Left and right arms are also moving out from the body’s midline on a coronal plane, in an abduction. Important in the Trikonasana is to be steady and balanced, that means you will need to lock you kneecaps, an elevation of both kneecaps. To get your arms and hands in the correct position you move your arms and wrist up in a supination. This movement also affects your shoulders – they move in a external and lateral rotation. Your upperbody and thorax moves sideways to the left from waist to the left side, there is a lateral flexion and extension of thoracic and the upper body. As your gaze is on your upper hand’s thumb, your neck has to make a rotation. In Trikonasana you also need to keep your shoulders down in a depressed position. Your hips should be squared in an external rotation.
This is a detailed way to describe one single asana in Movement Terminology. There are of course easier ways to describe an asana, not as technical and detailed as this!

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