Trianga Mukha Ekapda Paschimottanasana

Bend the right knee and place beside the right hip, right sole facing up.
Hold the right calf with right hand and roll it outwards. This helps to lower the right sit bone.
Bring the knees towards each other.
Bend forward and grab the left foot.
Apply Uddiyan Bandha to fold deeply at the hips.
Bring the navel towards the extended leg.
There is a tendency to lean/tilt towards the straight leg, elongate both sides of the chest and waist equally.
Elongate the spine by pulling forward towards the toes, head up.  Do not attempt to tuck the head in as this will curl the spine instead.
Stay for five breaths.
With every inhalation, open the chest and with every exhalation, fold forward again. (Refer to Figure 1.). Keep the straight leg straight and active; point the toes of the straight leg up towards the sky.
During the pose, some might experience the folded leg hip bone is higher, and you are leaning heavily to one side, use a folded towel/block under the hip (not thighs) of the straight leg. (Figure 1.1) This will help balance the hips.
In the bend leg position, if you feel discomfort/pressure on the top of your feet or ankle, place a rolled towel under the ankle for support. (Figure 1.2)

‘According to BKS Iyengar, this pose is great for dropped arches and flat feet. It is therapeutic for ankle and knee sprains or any swelling in the leg. It keeps the internal organs from being sluggish. This seated forward bend can be done for fatigue, menstruation, illness, recovery from travel, for those who cannot do inversions. A forward bending practice is nice before bed or in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep. Additional benefits are the calming of the mind, opening of hips and making the spine more flexible.’ (

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