Time flies, my 200hr YTT is coming to an end. It has been a wonderful experience for a rookie practitioner (stiff like a rock) like myself to see little changes and slight improvement as compared to when i first started this course.
I’ve learnt to enjoy breathing… breathing into my asanas, breathing into my life. Things which we often take for granted seemed to appear clearer when we take a step back, remain calm and keep breathing. I’ve learnt to focus better in almost every aspect — be it my practice, in my work, my daily life.
Time is the best gift one can ever receive. But I used to let time slipped by so easily that I failed to appreciate what it truely means. Through yoga, I was able to change this misuse of time. Every fraction of a second during a handstand or pincha attempt, struggling for that hang time made me feel that I want to grab hold of time and not lose it. Every breath i take during an asana synchronises my heart beat with the time ticking as if it was making music within my mind and in my heart…. I kinda like that feeling, a feeling which makes me feel…. free.
When they say yoga is a drug and it can be addictive, I’m starting to understand why. This course isn’t just about a module you take in school, finish it and move on. It is a long journey one can truely enjoy. And I’m darn glad that I took the first step in this journey. I guess there will be many more new findings, new feelings evoked, new experiences to come as i continue to practise. Life’s short, be present and enjoy the moment.
Keep calm and carry on breathing my fellow jedi yogis
Samantha Lee
200hr Weekend YTT