My Transformation with Yoga Part 1

I was 39 years old then with a body that felt much older. I was never big by size but I find myself dragging my body to work and pretty much everywhere else on most days. I have a gym membership, but like most people, I am too busy to afford an hour of excercise. I managed to squeeze in 1 hour of body combat or body pump class a week and convince myself that I am healthy, at least more so than most people. It’s funny how you find all kinds of excuses to avoid things that you don’t like or enjoy.
It was fate I think. My body combat class temporarily stopped due to upgrading works to the class room. Instead of letting my membership go to waste, I decided to attend the yoga class at the next classroom which was on the same schedule. The thought never occurred to me before as I always thought yoga was slow, gentle and too low impact for me. If I have only 1 hour of excercise a week, I have to make the most of it.
Now, 3 years later I still remember clearly my 1st yoga lesson. I had no prior warning, it was laughable. 30 minutes into the class and I was already breathing frantically and the heated room did not help. I couldn’t help secretly throwing glances at the others. Nobody seems to be suffering as much as me… I was supposed to be fit!
I continued to attend the same yoga class until this day. The change in me is evident. I feel the weightlessness and agility in me that I don’t remember in my younger days. I have a very much improved digestive system, also developed a calmness that was much lacking and in need of. Above all, I enjoy the sense of peace, joy and satisfaction that yoga brings me. When they say make yoga your way of life, they must have experienced what I felt.
Lois Kok

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