Transformation – Part I

I’ve been contemplating whether to start writing this blog for some time. It’s supposed to be about “Transformation”, so I suppose I shall start at the very beginning:
Unlike my lovely peers who all want to become a yoga teacher, I signed up for this 200HR YTTC simply because I wanted to learn yoga in a PROPER way. Was introduced to Yoga just 7 months ago by coincidence, I’ve only attended yoga classes in the gym once or twice weekly. That’s about 60 hours in total but along the way I found myself become more interested to find out how to “perfect” a pose, how to “hold” a pose longer. How do the teachers do certain difficult poses so gracefully and effortlessly?
Again by coincident, when I was googling “weekend yoga class”, I bumped into “Yoga Teacher Training”. Then one day at Tirisula Yoga’s website, these lines caught my eyes:
Who should do it?

  • For anyone who wants to learn Yoga properly

None at all

  • No need for minimum 6 months or 1 year of practice
  • All participants are welcome
  • All can be taught

And it’s a weekend class! Perfect!
So here I am, 1/3 into this transformation journey. It’s actually dreading for me to talk about “transformation” because I know I still have a very tough and long road ahead of me. With least yoga practice experience, not much arm and core strength, little big of flexibility, supper lousy in balancing and age is catching up… *sigh*
But I’ve not regretted making this “bold” decision of signing up for the YTTC (ok, maybe few occasions like having to do non-stop 100 burpees , 50 chaturanga push-ups…), because I’ve noticed some changes (good ones, ha! )  ever since:

  • Getting up early every Saturday and Sunday to attend the classes on time for the past five weeks (weekends used to be the REST days to me)
  • Waking up EVERY morning at 6am to practice the 5 steps Master Paalu taught us, even during CNY holidays! (Unfortunately my 40day mandala was disrupted after 16 days by a serious flu, 🙁  still recovering… hopefully can survive the class tomorrow… )
  • Practicing SIRSASANA! Never even thought of myself ever doing it! At the start I told myself it’s NOT even physically POSSIBLE for me, but by practicing daily, I finally did it! Not stable yet and can’t hold forlong but I know it’s “doable” now

The most influential aspect of this YTTC is the introduction of the Eight Limbs of Yoga I would say. I used to think that Yoga is all about practicing Asanas and Prayanama. Now I realised Yama and Niyama are the first two fundamental steps of practicing Yoga. Theoretically I understand that they are the suggestions given on how we should deal with people around us and our attitude toward ourselves, but how to practice them in our daily life is a whole new subject.
According to Oxford dictionary: Transformation: (noun) A MARKED change in form, nature, or appearance.
Nothing substantial enough to be “marked” yet, maybe just the date 17th January 2015 is worth being marked as it’s the beginning of the “Transformation”.
To be continued…

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