Transformation part II

Transformation part II
Time flies! The end of YTTC is drawing.
At this point in time, I don’t know how to write this blog about Transformation. I suppose the purpose of writing two blogs about transformation is to tell the before and after stories?
In part one I had mentioned that the beginning of the YTTC was the beginning of the Transformation. 14 weekend classes plus weekday practices; studying anatomy, memorizing muscles, skeletons, Sanskrit names etc. along with injuries and recoveries. It’s been a tough journey (well, for me at least, not sure about the others), from a total beginner to somewhat an intermediator.
Don’t think I’ve transformed but there have been many changes in lifestyle, routines, the food that I eat, the different perspective I see things. I have definitely learned a lot and undoubtedly have become stronger, physically and mentally.
Enjoyed the practicing of Ashtanga yoga with fellow students, appreciate Masters and teachers sharing their knowledge and life experiences with us. I’m SO gonna miss those weekends… had to mention that I don’t really enjoy the teaching experience, hahaha… just not my cup of tea. I can’t believe myself actually taking Erica’s advice — screaming into my pillow every night in order to better project my voice during the teaching sessions. But I guess it did help one way or another. Oh one more thing: way too much homework! I’d rather be practicing jump-through and jump-back right now instead of writing this blog. :p
Signing off! =)
Zoe Z 5th May 2015

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