Transformation – Part 2

For me the biggest thing I will remember about YTT is the teaching component and how YTT provided a safe space not just to learn how to teach but also for me to confront my inner doubts and fears about addressing a group.  Having undergone the teaching component and having been critiqued on aspects including details, delivery, pacing and adjustments, I now truly appreciate the amount of work that goes into the development of a truly good and qualified yoga teacher.
I have thought long and hard about whether I should teach, where I should teach if I wanted to, and what my purpose for teaching would be.
While I feel it is still too early to answer the first 2 questions (particularly since the market for male yoga teachers seems to be very small), I do think that I am right where I need to be in this stage of my personal and professional development in yoga.  If I do teach, I want to use asana practice as a platform to improve the lives of others – be it in the way it has done for me (opening my mind to new possibilities and my heart to others), or in ways that they may never have expected.  What I definitely can say is that YTT won’t be the end of my yoga education – I want to continue improving, both in my practice and in my teaching!
Since this is the last blog post, some thanks are in order here!
* Master Paalu, Master Wei Ling, Ley and Hui Yan – a big thank you!  All of you have been so patient and generous with your time, energy, knowledge and experience.
* My teammates Sam aka Ladyglam and Ben – Sam has wonderful initiative, organisational flair and an incredible personal practice, plus she has an uncanny ability to cut through the fog and get to the root of the issue.  Ben is very down-to-earth, doesn’t take himself too seriously (which is a very good thing) and has shown such great improvement and development in the past 15 weekends that I’m truly proud for him!  Best thing is, the both of them don’t judge when I (generally prefer to) sit back in reserved mode.  Heheh.
* YTT batchmates who have helped me in one way or another – thank you to all of you!
I thought this blog post would be easy to write but ironically, it’s so difficult – in the course of writing this, so many memories came up and washed over me… ha.
Here’s wishing everyone the best in life after YTT!:D
Jian Yuan

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