Transformation 2

Just so you know I am still alive and now its towards the end of the course with 1 more exam to go. Am I excited about it? More like I worry about it. No doubt I got stronger and more flexible about it but there are still a lot of poses that I am unable to do but I know I cannot compare to my batch mates.
Bootcamp not so much (which is a relief for me) and more into theory and anatomy. I do enjoy the classes but the theory is crazy. One thing I like most about the class is my batch mates. They are really supportive and especially my team mates (JY and Sam). They really push me in terms to be better and to push out negative thoughts since I am quite a pessimistic person. Without them, I might have quit.
Now, I can feel the difference in me. I am more aware of my body limitations and alignments. I go to gym for my own conditioning. I can run much faster on the treadmill, I can do my favorite plank pose and hold it much longer, my forward bends are much better than before. Of course now I skip lunch since I am told to lose weight by my instructors (faints) but I know they meant well. For me to be able to feel lighter and stronger, its strange because I always think to be stronger, one needs to get heavier/bigger.
Of course, teaching my batch mates makes me SUPER nervous and I know its my first time teaching and boy, its tough. Barely passing it but happy they feel that I could be suitable to teach yoga therapy which will be my long term goal. Of course passing the theory test is another hurdle for me to get through but I did it. To be honest, there will be 1 more hurdle to go which is the practical test. Not easy for me and I am prepared to pay $150 for re-test (sobs). However, I do hope everyone passes the practical test and we can all go for the party together. Since I am in charge of bringing nuts, if I fail, I just go nuts (hahahaha).
Well, I believe everyone of us has a journey and we all go in different directions with the same purpose. For me, therapy would be something I fancy doing in my life and as a career in future
P.S. I am a recipe for therapy (hahahaha).
Forward Ben

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