Transformation 1

I have always treated yoga as if I was going to the gym. Just go whenever I have the time and for poses I cannot do, I will just do the variations. However in commercial classes, it was always big (in terms of people) and I wasn’t sure if the poses I did were right. So I began to look for something more and Yoga teachers training was something really new about it.
Surfing the web, Tirisula Yoga was always the top 5 hits and it seems really interesting and it dawn on me that it might be something that I need. So after careful consideration I signed up for it, not really knowing the details (hahaha). I was getting more nervous and excited as the days go by.
On the first week, after getting to know the instructors and each other’s intention to be in this course, it was like a culture shock for me. We were doing a lot of conditioning work (which was really tough for me) and I was so SUPER tired after that. It was like a bootcamp and I was thinking was this the course I signed up for???!!!!!
Waking up even earlier on my weekdays seems strange but that was how it was and we cannot be late. That’s the tough part to maintain. Treasuring my weekdays and fearing for my weekends was odd and I was beginning to lose my social life because of it.
As weeks goes by, training was getting tougher and getting into those poses were so tough especially the flexibility part. I was thinking I might end up in A &E any minute as stretching my body seems like a crazy thing considering I am like a rock. To be honest, I never thought yoga to be easy, I just didnt know it was that tough.
I ever thought about quitting but after paying so much money and suffering and getting the support from my fellow batch mates, I decided to stick with it. To be honest, I felt I was the weakest in class. To be honest, everyone was really good and most could do the poses. Me? Just more training and suffering.
P.S stay tune to the 2nd part if I am still alive to write about it
Forward Ben

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