Transformation (1 of 2)

The last weekend marks the halfway point in the weekend warrior’s 200hr YTT journey. I feel like it is a commemorative time to log down and share my first transformational article about my short journey from before-yoga to after starting practicing yoga. It is not a transformation post about my body but about what goes on in my head. 

For me, to finally sign up for YTT was a journey by itself – questioning my own motivations and intention, considering what others might say about the practicality of wanting to become a teacher, and… the cost was a pretty huge factor too. Luckily, my other half has been very supportive and understands how much it means for me. I have also concluded that people that really matters will have my interest at heart, and people that don’t matter will continue with their talk in the background regardless of what you do in life. After all, we are responsible for the path we choose and I choose to not look back in 10, 20 or 30 years time regretting not doing what feels so right.
When I first started practicing yoga, it was in my bedroom with youtube video playing on my computer. It called out to me like a refuge for me to escape from the difficult time I was having in my own house. I found calmness in the practice and looked forward to winding down before bedtime every day.
Eventually, “dark times” went away… by then I was signed up at a yoga studio but was not very regular with my attendance due to work and many other excuses. But there was a notable change in my lifestyle – I started sleeping without aircon, I started sleeping with my curtains opened so that I can wake to the sun streaming intro my room, I woke up earlier, I started exercising, I started eating lesser processed food, heck I even started reading self-improvement books.. What has all these got to do with anything? Essentially, I started wanting to treat myself and my body better.
I once come across a book discussing “the law of attraction”. Simply put, one thought and resolution can lead to an action that can bring you towards where you want to go, you will naturally think and make decisions that will bring you towards where you want to eventually be. For me, wanting to be happy was my resolution, and yoga was the action and answer that led to everything else.. It is the cause of where I was 2 years ago and the effect of where I am today, going for YTT every weekend.

Angeline Chia
weekend 200hr