Getting on the train

Only five more days and our guided yoga journey comes to an end.
Our Yoga group that has been thrown into this experience together and comes out the other end with a vast amount of new knowledge and abilities, will dissolve at the end of the week.
Everybody’s life will take over once again, with different priorities, job, children, partners who supported us, but who probably felt a bit left behind in the last six weeks.
The question for me is: will I be able to live a Yogi life from now on? Will I be able to incorporate, change and walk on this different path? Which parts will become second nature, which parts will be requiring a lot of discipline to follow, all these questions are going round in my head.
I am intrigued and I want to find out more, I feel I have only just stepped on the train that is passing, I am at the beginning of this journey and now I am supposed to carry on alone? Am I ready for more?
I have battled with myself in these first weeks countless times, but at no time did I feel that I was on the wrong train. I feel enriched by the people I have met, the knowledge that was shared with me and the realisation that it is never too late to start something new, to learn, to be curious. Is this already the right step?
What has stayed with me ? Too much to mention here, but apart from an awful lot of new and refreshed knowledge, some quotes have made me think and have been a real eye opener:
“Thoughts are like cars on a road, don’t stop them but let them flow, this is meditation.”
“The difference between being successful and unsuccessful is the implementation of your ideas”
“Align your thoughts, words and actions”
Thank you for taking all the myth out of Yoga, for treating it from a scientific point of view and for making it accessible for all of us in this approachable way.
I will no doubt feel a void after this course will come to an end, as it was such an intense experience.
But you know what? I will fill it with Yoga, my own way.
Thank you to all of you that shared this journey so far.
200 ttc

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