Top ten yoga poses to keep diabetes under control.

Exercise is the key to keep diabetes under control:
With the rising number of people being diagnosed with diabetes, it is no wonder scientists are looking for newer methods to treat the disease. One of the cornerstones of controlling one’s blood sugar is regular and holistic exercise. And Yoga is one such ancient, holistic way to do so.
One suffers from diabetes when the blood cells do not respond to insulin produced in the body. When you follow a regular exercise regimen, your body starts responding to insulin, helping to reduce your blood glucose. Exercise also helps improve blood circulation in your body, particularly in the arms and legs, where diabetic patients most commonly encounter problems. It is an excellent way to fight stress, both at the body and mind level, which in turn helps keep one’s glucose levels down.
Yoga can help by practicing regularly and help reduce the level of sugar in the blood along with lowering blood pressure, keeping weight in check, reducing the severity of the symptoms.
Top 10 yoga poses
1. Pranayama
2. Setubandhasana
3. Balasana
4. Vajrasana
5. Sarvangasana
6. Halasana
7. Dhanurasana
8. Chakrasana
9. Paschimotasana
10. Ardha Matsyendrasana
A few minutes of regular meditation practice acts as an excelent stress-buster for the mind and boby. Stress is a mayor cause of diabetes.
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