Toning and Slimming Yoga for the Body

All yoga asanas have a multitude of beneficial effects. Each asana is cleverly designed to address different parts of the body, stretching, and toning various muscle groups and nourishing specific internal organs or system. Many asanas work to regulate the metabolic rate and eliminate toxins from the body. Yoga asanas improve energy levels, calm the mind, tone the muscles, and bring youthfulness and poise to the body. For the body that carries excess fat, many of the yoga asanas may at first be difficult to attain comfortably. However, with diligent practice and perseverance, asanas that balance out the internal systems as well as tone the muscles will also reduce excess fat.

Many asanas work on nourishing specific internal organs or system and help to regulate the metabolic rate and eliminate toxins from the body. Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and sirshasana (headstand) are two postures that are thought to assist weight reduction. While holding in Sarvangasana, the metabolic rate is believe to double. The regular practice of Sirshasana is thought to reduce the size of the stomach and hence regulate appetite. Yoga asanas improve energy levels, calm the mind, and bring youthfulness and poise to the body. As practice of yoga brings vitality and serenity into our life, harmfful habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and overeating will no longer be compatible and will be effortlessly discarded. The overconsumption of food is often linked to an emotional need. Relaxation and breathing exercises, whic are so beneficial for calming the mind, will help to break any overattachment to food.

Some Simple Guidelines for Healthy Eating

* Drink lots of water – two thirds of our body is made up of water. Water is an essential body requirement for maintaining healthy cells and removing toxins from the body. Drink water throughout the day. Get into the habit of carrying water wherever you go and use this to quench your thirst. Decrease the intake of diuretics such as tea and coffee, whic actually decrease the fluid in the cells.

* Eat natural foods – avoids refined foods that are likely to have a high fat, sugar, or salt content. A good way of reducing the intake of toxins is to eat an organic diet. Fresh fruit and raw vegetables in salads provide the minerals and vitamins that our body need.

* Try fasting for a day – to cleanse the internal systems, eat only fruits and drink lots of water and fruit juices. Do not fast if pregnant or breast feeding.

* Eat smaller meals – food should be consumed according to the body’s requirements. Practicing yoga postures is a good way of regulating the body’s need.

* Chew your food well – the breakdown of food begins in the mouth. By chewing meals well, the body is able to derive the nutrition from smaller intake of food. Sit at the table and take your time over a meal. Experience and enjoy the meal.


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