Tone and Tune

Have you ever felt that you have done a lot but you still feel the emptiness?

This is me for the past few years, especially since I left the desk-bound job. I have tried to fill up my life with different things but looking back, I was just seeking something endlessly but nothing seemed to feed my hollow soul. My life was a mess prior to taking up this Yoga teaching training course.  

I have done some extensive travel, but I started to realise that I was constantly looking for some sparks, some new idea and excitements in hope of a better life.  I was happy whenever I travelled, but that happiness just would not last long. I was paranoid about my future, as if I was about to crash to my most vulnerable state.

Not long, I turned to the fitness. As everyone agrees that healthy body, healthy life. Started off one hour a week to eleven hours, six days week. Definitely, I found the benefit from the intensive cardio-workout, with occasional stretching and/or asanas classes. I felt tired but it was a very nice feeling after each session. However, this feeling would not carry me for the whole day, and I became sedentary as soon as I was home.

My body was well toned, but my mind was still all over the place.

I knew it was a problem but I did not know what barrier that stopped me moving forward. I have acquired knowledge of different areas but I did not know how to facilitate my life. I was wasting my time, for a very long time…

My imbalance life has eaten me up and this mentality has to be changed.

I first attended yoga classes 4 years ago but not in my routine until my never-going-away pain on my knees brought me to practice regularly. There was less pain but it still came back and I did not see any improvement on asana. I, then, approached to Yoga teaching course so that I could advance my asanas for my self-practice and solve my knees problem, as well as to seek to work for the industry (fitness) that is sustainable and I like.

From my ‘glorious’ record showed that I gave up very easily and the setback came before I was officially defeated. I just told myself, I must do it right this time, for myself, even though I did not know what I should expect. To my surprise, yoga is actually a science, and a wisdom of an ancient time. And it is a tool scientifically connects us back to our presence.

It is my final week on training, but it is just a new beginning. This intense and holistic course has taught me so much which I will carry this attitude on and off the mat. Teaching aside, I feel more settled and more connected to myself from all these wandering years. Some of my bad habits are nearly vanished, too!

Yoga practice has toned and tuned me with a better outlook in life. My muscles is toned, and my vision is tuned. Yoga is not a magic potion, it does not lead your life, but it helps you to find your own path if use it right. I know that this is a right one to keep me moving forward. It taught me what I can offer to my life, rather than waiting something to happen for my life.

My yoga journey has just started…


Desiree/ 200hr YTTC weekday (09/14)