Tittibhasana – Shine bright like a firefly!

Tittibhasana is a challenging and fun pose that requires a combination of strength and flexibility.
To summarise, in Tittibhasana:

  1. Your arms are working
  2. Your core is engaged to lift your pelvis and support your weight
  3. Your quads are engaged to extend knee
  4. Your hamstrings are stretched
  5. Your adductors are stretched and engaged to open up your legs and prevent them from sliding down)
  6. Your hip flexors are engaged to flex your hips, keep your legs lifted and straighten your legs.

When in Tittibhasana, here are some cues to remind yourself, or your students:

  1. Root down through your hands
  2. Spread your fingers and press the finger tips into your mat
  3. Broaden your shoulder blades
  4. Scoop your navel towards your spine
  5. Squeeze your legs firmly against your arms
  6. Draw your sit bones back
  7. Extend your legs and reach through the balls of your feet
  8. Keep the chin level with the floor and lengthen the neck, pointing the crown of the head away from the body.


  1. If you find that your wrist or elbows are twisting or collapsing, be aware that your hands should be grounded firmly, your arms perpendicular to the floor and your elbows should be bent back towards the back of the room
  2. If you find that your butt always lands on the floor, try bringing your chest forwards and leaning your weight forwards

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what muscles are used in Tittibhasana and may these cues and tips help you to take flight in Tittibhasana!
200hrs YTT (weekend)

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