Tirisula Yoga Teacher Training

Tirisula Yoga Teacher Training

I remember when I first step into Tirisula Yoga Teacher Training School, I was so excited to be able to learn more and deepen my knowledge in yoga. I really loved yoga so much and always wanted to know more about yoga. I attend yoga retreats occasionally, and after few years, I’ve finally decided to attend  the yoga teacher Training.

I came in with the mindset of coming to learn more about asana, meditation, breathing techniques, chakras, and how to have the correct alignment during my practice. All these were thought to me and now on my 3rd week, I feel I have such deep knowledge on what yoga is all about. We were also taught on what are the different type of food each different body should be eating or should not be eating.

Everyday is a bliss to go school to see how all the other like-minded yoginis coming together to share & learn together as one. Morning Meditation session is so amazing and you could feel the vibration from everyone. Followed by learning new styles of pranayama and learning techniques from asana. we have got so much to learn but its all beneficial to our future practice. Lunch breaks are a bonding time for all too, where all yoginis bond together, share what they eat, share about where they practice yoga, share their experiences with everyone. Sharing is caring.

I feel so blessed to be able to be part of this 200hr yoga teacher training. And I will further deepen more by continuing my 300hr with Tirisula as well.


Venalie Tan (200 Yoga Teacher Training)

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