Thank you Tirisula and the students of Mar. 2016 Class

In short, I like yoga.  My body seems to have found its balance and also gave me peace of mind. One of the many reasons that yoga has appealed to me, compared to other forms of exercise, is that yoga makes you compete with yourself and not others.
Naturally, I got interested in the profession as a yoga instructor.  I hope to be able to pass on the excellent experience that I had with other people around me as well.  This led me to Tirisula yoga.
However, English is not my first language and not fluent at it at all.  I was very worried about working with students with various national backgrounds.  I had to work in teams, carry out discussions and share my ideas in English.  I was very discouraged and felt small at beginning. But, other students and the instructors were very kind and patient with me.  They were sincere enough to slowly repeat everything when I could not understand.  They did not mind my late night calls and SMSs when I had questions.
I am sure I could not have made it through without their help and the instructors at Tirisula and moreover they helped me take my first step and give me confidence in pursuing my future as in yoga.
Seoan Park (Mar 2016 -200RYS)

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