My Tirisula Journey

I signed up for the yoga teacher training with Tirisula as I wanted to have a recognized certification, to add-on to my previous kids yoga diploma.  I love kids, I love yoga, and I even love more kids yoga – fun, creative, with many benefits for the children (relaxation, flexibility), who can start their life in a healthy way.
I had no doubt I would sweat a bit, learn a bit, then qualify and move on. Well, I was really under-estimating the course! I am now looking at the training itself as one of the toughest and richest experiences I went through so far in my life.  This is my Tirisula Journey, unexpected and overpowering.
First of all, I am learning again – after spending ten years away from school rows. The fact of seating in front of a teacher, absorbing his or her knowledge, discovering totally new paths is a feeling I had forgotten. Activate my brain again makes me feel great, and young.
Also, as I feel grateful towards our teachers and master, it reinforces the fact that I wish to be a teacher myself. As a student, when I was 20 for instance, I didn’t really appreciate the lessons given to me – maybe because I was too young, or because the subject didn’t interest me as much… Passing on some historical knowledge, healthy tips, philosophical concepts, and effective physical exercises to others and to the future generation would actually represent one of the most beautiful professions.
I am pushing so far that, even though I am only half-way in my 200hours training, doubting a lot of my capacities at times, I am now considering taking further training to master my practice and knowledge, and teach adults. The journey goes on!
200 hours training

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