Tips: How to Memorise Body Movements

If you are taking YTT, you should know that you’ll have to attend anatomy classes, and one of the many things you have to memorise would be BODY MOVEMENTS!  It’s quite easy to remember all the basic body movements if you put humour into it.  The following are some of the lame jokes which you can apply in memorising the body movements.  Let’s go!


Flexion vs. Extension

Flexion decreases the angle and extension increases the angle.  If all your body parts are in neutral position, i.e. standing up straight and hands at the side of your body straight, all the angles in your body is 180 degree.  Any movement causing the angle to be lesser than 180 degree, e.g. bending forward, then it’s flexion, vice versa.

 Imagine you’re in foetal position, i.e. curling up in a ball.  All your limbs are now in flexion.

So remember, they both start with F, i.e. Foetal = Flexion.  So, the opposite will be extension.


Abduction vs. Adduction

 Abduction moves the limb away from the midline of the body, whilst adduction is the opposite – bring the limb towards the body or across the midline.  Still confuse?

 Imagine a small U.F.O. is flying in the air beside you and try to take your hand away.  When that happens, where would your hand go?

Answer: Your hand will be raised to the side, away from your body.  The U.F.O. is trying to ABDUCT your hand!


Supination vs. Pronation

These are movement of the forearm.   In supination, the radius and ulna are parallel to each other, whilst in pronation, the radius and ulna form an X-shape.

When you beg for SOUP, your palm will have to face up, and your forearm is in SUPINATION.  Lame, but effective.


Dorsiflexion vs. Plantar Flexion

These are movements at the ankle joint – a hinge joint.  If you’re curving up your toes upwards to stretch your calf muscles, it’s dorsiflexion.  When you’re pointing your toes like a ballerina, it’s a plantar flexion.

Just imagine when you’re pointing your toes, you’re actually PLANTING your toes to the floor.  Besides, Pointing and Planting both starts with the letter “P”.


You’re welcome!