I found my best Me time

What is the first time you do in the early morning? rushing to work? get yourself dressed ?I am a person tended to struggle with the snooze button in the early morning just wish I can have an extra 10 minutes to sleep on my bed before my day started .I have a habit of setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier than the time I suppose to wake up so as to feel little bit better.
Until I tried Master Paalu ‘s suggestion. He suggested us to wake up 45 minutes before sunrise to practice 5 steps he mentioned in the lovely morning. At the beginning I was so hesitated as bedtime is always my best me time in my life .Oh I need to wake up earlier than the sun ??
Once I tried , I addicted to it .I usually get up with a very stiff spine and some simple stretching cannot help me until I tried the sequence of what Master Paalu suggested before sunrise .I was so impressed by what I experienced .To me the 20-30 minutes before sunrise becomes my best me time after this.
Chanting ,aruloma viloma ,kapalabjhati and then followed by some stretching exercises for mobilizing the spine like twisting ,forward bending ,cobra and headstand became my morning ritual. If something really make you feel good you will definitely stick to it and become your routine without much struggling over it .I love this new routine in the early morning instead of browsing the internet, it empowers my day afterward with energy and confidence.
“What makes the time before sunrise magical? “ Vata energy fills the atmosphere during these pre-dawn hours .Vata controls the movement of fluids and cells through the body as well as the activity of organs, muscles, nerves and thought, so it is the idea time to move your body. ”By waking up before sunrise, you are exposed to the special energy in the air”, say Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra
Ayurveda is an accent hindu health science medicine based on balance of five elements Earth, air, water, fire and ether. Ayurveda believes routine is a discipline for the body and mind which can strengthen our immunity and purifies the body of its wastes. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, choices that you make regarding to your daily routine can either build up your immune system or tear it down.
With the help of simple healthy routines not only can strengthen our immunity but also balance our body and mind to guide us to a refreshing morning, Why not?
200hr weekday(March)

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