Till there was you….

I am gonna save the breath for alot of people. I ain’t gonna mince my thoughts.  I am not an angel, never was and never will be.
If you know me well enough, you will know I live by these two words: Carpe Diem. With that, it has brought me to where I am today. And today, I shall bring this phrase UP a notch and live my life by it. Yes live by CD WITH a ‘few’conditions- aka 8 Limbs. Good luck!
Just two days and I manage to do a ‘baby’ headstand! The amazement will continue to come, I was told. Even as I type, my Bandha is tucked in consciously! 🙂
STOP your milk! It is not giving you the nutrients you think you are getting. It fills you up because it is not digested! Isn’t that a little revelation out of the many that was discovered just in two days…
Let me see:
The fact that we have been consuming germified Protein, our Fish, Chicken… the travelling back and forth without refrigeration, it is contaminated.
The way a baby and an adult breathes differs from a Yogi and again a yogi’s breathing differs from a Yogi Intermediate. Breathing is breathing ain’t it but it truly is life changing. The Ujayi- Strong Exhales freshens up my day and it sure stimulates my Dumpster! Having to work after my weekday classes posses as a challenge, NOT! It energizes you actually ONLY with the right kind of diet. Do not limit yourself, feel good and you will get what I mean. I ate meat in lesser quantity and my fruits and Vegetables intake increased. I felt good after my long 18 hours training and work day. You take care of your body, it naturally functions your mind and takes care of you.
As we go deeper into our studies…
The fling:
I should have an “Asteya”(never ‘steal’ or in my case, be ‘stolen’) inked across my heart! And amazing this connects with the Power of my Brain. I have allowed someone to steal my balance and happiness in life. It is all in my hands all this while. We all know don’t we?! We just don’t realise it when the devil approaches. Anything so tempting must be good. As I type, this guy is text-ing me and I am choosing to ignore it. The course has strengthen me in that aspect and I fell a little when this guy came back into my life. It is not his fault, neither is it of anyone’s who instigated it. It is my lack of control and self respect that allowed it to happen. So it has to stop. With the morning meditations, having time for myself allowing my outer self to understanding my inner self and to know what exactly I want to be seen as, to live by, I was literally breathing my root of believe through my skin. I walk the talk! I knew what exactly I want in life, how I want to be treated and I survived the temptations and I am able to stand up tall and say “I did it!” What ever you say flatters me but it is only when I react that it will matter to me. So I’ll holler “Bring it on!” – Asteya!
Be the change:
As I am enjoying beautiful Hot weather in Sentosa, I am wondering how long am I able to enjoy this. The breeze that blows against my skin, the sun kissed skin of the sunbathers around me, the coconut trees, as I look up they are set against the clear blue sky. I think to myself, this is just perfect! With my margarita.. Oops! Did I say Magarita? Alcohol? No…. I wouldn’t have drank that while practising Yoga. Well, we often take all the simple pleasures in life for granted. It’s hot, im sweating and I decide to take a plunge in the sea.
TADAH! I see plastics!! Don’t ‘they’ realise that this is like smoking to the sea?! They are freaking spoiling the very limited wonders of nature(of what it’s left). Annoying aint it?! Unless, they start setting good examples.. I hope they do not have kids! Ha. That will stop the vicious cycle.
Told you I ain’t gonna mince my thoughts! Stop judging.
Choo choo-ed:
I have not taken the MRT for some time now. Let alone the bus. I dislike the close proximity I have with strangers. I feel they simply have no concept of personal space. As I started my training at Haji lane, I am not very willing to pay carpark fees (to the government) for the whole day. Hence, I started taking the MRT. It is early morning so I must say, it was a slow transition and it was a good one. Even now, after the training, I am willing to take the public transport. I feel the training has changed me. It made me a simpler person. I have been helped to merge with the masses and enjoy every moment of it. My perspective of respect of space has not changed but I have been opened to leave the automobile behind and ‘feel’ my surroundings.  It doesn’t matter anymore, the automobile has become a mode of convenience more than ever. It is no longer, the prestige that I have been always grateful for. Now, I am grateful, I have my Number. 11 to bring me to places. Not sure if I have been clear… thoughts and understanding comes with experience. If the above sounds, like crap or alien to you. I must say, you will understand one day(if you choose to understand) as you go through the course of life.
The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.  ~Chinese Proverb
Give me my Veg!
It is amazing how in the first lesson when I learnt about how trashy some foods I have been consuming are! Some are useless and some I have been missing out on! The switch from a lean meat diet to an All Veg.  was pretty easy. I am amazed. I reckon I didn’t want to jeopardise my flexibility and after my first digestive Anatomy lesson, certain meat disgusts me. The thought of it rotting in my body, turns me off. I did a movie before and the focus was on Chicken, I have seen how it disintegrate into Dark Greyish Gooey substance WITH maggots in it. So imagine…
Apparent changes that I see today in a snap of my fingers.(yes, it is that fast.) My morning breath smells better now, the Poop is smoother now and I am killing lesser animals than I used to! If you are still a meat lover, I’d say, “I love you” but if you consume Shark’s fin, I’d say “You suck!” Did you know that the cartilage of Shark’s Fin does not have any taste at all? Yes, so next time when you go to a wedding dinner and as you chew on the ‘delicious’ shark’s fin think about what your next generation is gonna say when you talk about sharks… What sharks? They wouldn’t even know what sharks are because they will be like the mystical Dodos that we never had the chance to see.
Wash it off:
After 2 attempts of Basthi. I finally did it!!! It smelled!! Bad, toxic kind. Not the usual pungent smell. Yuccks!!! First attempt failed as I did not clear my bowels and the pressure was higher than the outside hence. The second attempt, left me in my kinda half  Dhanurasana position for some time. LOL. Did some Udiyana Bhanda and tadah! Into the toilet bowl! Good feeling after. Nice. Felt I could finish up the Whole Turkey! Oh no wait. Did I say I’m vegetarian now? What about a entire field of greens?!
Life is like a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.  ~Lillian Dickson
Keeping in mind the 8 limbs and this takes Carpe Diem up one notch!

3 thoughts on “Till there was you….

  1. Wow Shennon! Yah, the course is great for disciplining our mind and body and helping us to achieve a higher state of being. Can you believe it only took a few weeks? I’m amazed at the benefits, and I agree with you: you have to believe in it to be able to gain the profound effects. I am definitely lapsing from that three week stint due to life obligations, but I’m looking forward to when those can be managed enough to be able to return to the discipline smoothly.
    Ugh, the cleansing…..you’re so much more daring than I!

    1. yeah yeah. success is not how many times one succeeds, it is how many times you get up every time you fall! 🙂
      Thanks Paalu!! Remember that you are also part of my life changing moments!

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