Thoughts are toxins !

As we all go about in our daily lives we keeping having thought. Some of which we are aware of, the others are in our sub conscious and we are not even aware of these thoughts.
I too have a godzillion thought going on in my mind . Will I reach on time? Can I do this asana! Did I just get a speeding ticket!! Hope my dinner party comes along fine ? Will I get it right ?
And all the cans , ifs and buts possible keep popping up in the brain.
This yoga course has made me more aware of my thoughts and now I have started to become more alert of these thought. I recognise them and am able to identify them as a TOXIN which is not healthy for my emotional and physical well being.
It suddenly feels as if a big weight has been lifted of my chest as now I am able to process
these thoughts and discard them much faster. I almost have an outsiders view of my mind and it is a huge revelation on how I can be this different person.
I am happily sitting on the outside and watching my reactions and moods. It has made me more aware of my shortcomings and am able to accept them . I have also become more compassionate towards the shortcomings of the people around me.
This one is for Keeps for me for sure !!

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