When you thought you knew

After quite a few years of yoga practice, with various teachers that all agree on what is the perfect alignment in basic poses, you start to believe that these poses have no secret for you and you are craving for more challenges. It was therefore quite a shock when Master Paalu described what should be a perfect Adho mukha svanasana (downward dog) and the consequences of doing this asana right or wrong for the rest of your vinyasa.

The common explanations I received over the previous group classes was that when in downward dog:

  • you should have your back flatten
  • you should aim at having your hills touching the floor but it’s ok if you can’t
  • you should do a nice V shape and spread the weights equally on your legs and arms
  • you should push the floor away with your hands

Additionally, from Adho mukha svanasana you should be able to move to Santolasana (hi