“Things that cannot last seem to us as if they will. II.5A”- Yoga Sutra

It is talking about our lives our friends, our family, our work and own bodies when they are there, in front of us- when we can see them, and touch them – it seems as though they will always be there. But then they always leave us.
The above paragraph is an excerpt from How Yoga Works by Geshe Michael Roach and Christie McNally.
When I read the paragraph above, I broke down and cried. Let me tell you why.
My parents got separated when I was young; we were made to choose between my Mom and Dad. It was a tough decision but all 4 of us decided to choose my Mom. Because of this, we stopped talking to my Dad though he tried reaching to us kids on several occasions. I blamed my Dad for what happened to my family.
It never crossed my mind that I would lose him so soon. I was not familiar with death at that time. I heard people dying but never knew someone close to me. He died from complication of diabetes, internal hemorrhage in the brain the Doctor said. I never had the chance to say goodbye to my Dad nor even had the chance to say I love you before he died.
It was so hard that even till this day after 15 years I can still feel the pain and felt how cold his body was when I hugged him. This was the hardest lesson I learned in my life.
This is the problem; we forget that nothing or no one in this world is permanent- our Dad, Mom, siblings, friends, our partners; our work, and our body.
We tend to believe that our body will not change. We hold on to that illusion. People spend so much time on creams to defy ageing to the extent of going under the knife.
We hold on to our jobs thinking that we are indispensable; truth is- no one is. Business change such as recession, there are companies who would go bankrupt; employees are asked to leave their jobs and because of holding on to this work and believing that this is all that matters; there are people who can’t take it which led to their downfall.
We tend to believe that our parents will always be there, that we stop spending time with them. “There will always be time for that.”- we say to ourselves. When there are arguments with friends, partners or family; it takes us awhile to patch things up because we believe that they will always be there…
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