When there’s a will, there’s a way

“What is your aspiration?” was the very first thing I heard from my boss coming into the corporate world. Putting the corporate hat I straightly answered, “becoming a manager of more than 10 people”. Of course what comes after was – why do you want to manage people and how are you going to do that. That was the first time I knew it by heart that I want to manage people because I love helping people to be successful. It makes me happy knowing that things I do for them make them happy and could help them to achieve their goals or to even solve their problems. I began my journey in corporate IT as Sales aiming to be a Sales Manager.

Along the way, I felt the need to balance my self with some kind of exercise. Keep me away from all of the stresses I get in a weekly basis chasing targets, numbers, orders, approvals, and other good things in Sales. I have always thing that you need to have a healthy body and mind. I started joining a lot of exercises from home fitness, boot camp, workshops, aerial workout and yoga. Throughout the years for every rotation of the workouts I do, I would always need to have yoga in between. I didn’t realize I was somehow a bit flexible that I am able to do few poses that everyone may not be able to do so I tell myself to keep going to be more advance in more poses.

Only after 3 years of practices I become to realize that this is something I want to put all of my heart in. I knew it by heart that my heart is not in corporate. Trying to sell customers everything I can think of without even knowing how the solution really works. I then put more time and effort in Yoga. During that time a couple of my friends shared that they wish that they could do the same exercises with me. I started doing home fitness together and eventually try to lead the exercise with them. Motivating them to give their best. “This is it”, not Michael Jackson’s last movie, but this is it! Yoga, Teach, Motivate, Help. Those are the 4 key things I would love to do for a living. I remember it quite well that I have had a lot of drawbacks because of how would I make a living out of yoga? How can I afford rent? What would my parents think of me if I leave my job to do yoga? By then, I kind of pushed the idea to the sides and focus more on my job. Thinking that maybe I will do more in IT so I can have enough money to pursue my career in Yoga.

That time, I’ve had the financial to support me. However, I had lost my guts and my wills. I had become too comfortable in my own zone. I did not want to move out of my role nor my company because I was too comfortable. I keep making excuses that I’ll change my job when I get my PR. A year after I got my PR, I still did not want to move. Up until my company experienced a restructuring. They had asked me to move to Indonesia else I don’t have a job. They offered me 6 months pay out if I leave. I thought, maybe this is my chance to change. I took the pay out and thought about Yoga. Stresses came in a week after knowing that I would need to leave the job in 2 months thinking that I don’t have any base knowledge of yoga and I don’t think I can afford being unemployed to pursue that dream. I quickly took the shortcut and took the first job offer came into me during that 1 week.

Working in the new company as Sales hit me. I thought to myself “why in the world would go back to something you hate for money?” at that time I couldn’t handle it anymore and told myself “you know what? Follow your heart. Do Yoga”. I did. I quit after 4 months and look for a yoga studio that can give me a chance to pursue my dream. First thing I googled was Tirisula and a couple others. From the website, I chose to go for Tirisula so I went to the studio and was straight convinced that this is the place. I was convinced. The teachers, the modules, and how they genuinely want to help me to help others. I thought to myself, if I put all of my heart into it, I would be successful. When there’s a will, there’s a way. I feel all of the down term from my corporate life was a blessing in disguise. It really helped me to build that guts to just not waste my time and start pursuing my dream. Things have started to turn out great. I got a new job that gives me somewhat flexibility to pursue my Yoga dream during the weekend; I met a lot of sweet and genuine kind people in my studio. I finally find my happiness from others. Having to wake up early in the morning every weekend and see positivity from my fellow yogis is irreplaceable. I am grateful and I can’t ask for any other blessings the way it has been.

– Audry Afrininta

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