Yoga Therapy Case Study (500hrTTC)

Name: JR

Age: 34

Fitness Active Level: Low



– Acid Reflux (GER)

– Easily accumulate gas in stomach

– Tall and Skinny frame, Vata Body (test taken)


JR experiences acid reflux on a regular basis since young. He claims that it is often triggered by food, that doesn’t agree with his body. On daily medication to reduce production of stomach acid. JR also feels bloated easily when triggered by wrong food choices.



Proposed Recovery Plan:

 1) JR needs to change his diet, as food seems to be the main trigger.

 Avoid the following:

– carbonated, cold drinks

– raw vegetables and salad

– frozen desert

– food that are light, airy and crunchy

– spicy food

– all red meat


Favour the following:

– warm, slight oily cooked food

– drink room temperature or hot beverages

– sweet, sour and salty food in moderation


Introduce light activity may help to improve his overall wellness. Yoga is strongly recommended. 

The 3 series of Pawan Muktasana series will be introduced to him, as each series has its own benefits for his body. Being a Vata body type, it will be ideal to introduce more calm and grounding poses and holding poses in longer period will also be carried out. As JR has not done yoga or been active in sports, modification of poses will be offered.


Pranayama – Alternate-nostril breathing(no retention), Ujayyi breathing.

Mudra – Vayu Mudra (Reduce Air element)


The proposed recovery therapy is for a period of 3 months, with three yoga session weekly.


By Ashley Ow


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