Themed lesson plan; sirsasana

THEMED CLASS Lesson plan SIRSANA with 90 degrees angle (1-1.5 hour)



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  • Medical information
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  • What is yoga, what are we doing today (sequence); building up to the headstand. First use the right muscle groups, e.g. the shoulders, arms and core muscles. After that we go more inwards, towards focussing and concentration, ending with a strong, stable and focussed sirsanana.


  • Say OHM 3 x


  • Explain about breathing, normal life shallow breathing, now deep and long, give you more oxygen, relaxes body and mind
  • Explain what we are going to do, ujjayi to get your system enough oxygen, relaxing and detoxing. Kapalabhati, cleaning of lungs and bronchial tubes and nasal passages.
  • Do pranayama;  3×20 of ujjayi breathing, 2×15 kapalabhati


  • Move all the joints standing and sitting
  • Head; rotate the head gently ,  and up and down , sitting
  • Shoulders, rotate back and forward, sitting
  • Wrists, stretch arms, rotate wrists, forward, back wards
  • Fingers, make a fist, spread the fingers
  • Hips, rotate hips, left and right
  • Knees, bend the knees, lift them, standing
  • Ankles, make circles, inwards and outwards


  • explain about sun salutation, warming up for asana, flow of poses
  • Breakdown in pieces; 3 sets in a flow
    • Tadasana=mountain pose
    • Samasthiti=prayer pose
    • Ardha cakrasana= half wheel pose=inhale and bend backwards,
    • Uttasana=  exhale and forward bend, bend the knees if you can’t reach the ground
    • Ashwa sanchalasana=Low lunge= inhale, right leg backwards, look up,
    • Santolasana= Plank pose, , step left leg back, exhale, breath in and out
    • Adho mukha swanasana=down dog, lift tailbone up, exhale
    • Uttasana=inhale, take right leg forward, take left leg forward, exhale
    • Ardha chakrasana=inhale and come up,  arms up or on thighs, bend backwards
    • Samasthiti; exhale, come in prayer pose, hands in front of chest

ASANAS; (25 min)

  • Cat pose; diagonal stretch
  • Cat pose; shoulder stretch, left and right, bring shoulder down on the ground
  • Navasana; 5 sets
  • Dolphin pose to dolpin plank pose and up and down
  • Table pose, lift legs
  • Floating stick pose, lifted dandasana
  • Roll up and stand up
  • Relaxation starts;
  • Cow pose
  • Tree pose for concentration and focus, one pointedness
  • Sirsasana, with training in soft and controlled landing or staying up.

SAVASANA; (10 min)

  • Guided relaxation, from toes to head

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