Themed lesson Plan

This is a 60mins themed lesson Plan on Core strength.
Introduction (5mins)

  • Self introduction
  • Inquiries about student’s medical and health conditions
  • Brief explanation on core Strength
  • From a yogic perspective, the act of breathing is far closer to the core of who we are than the desired objective of a flat stomach. Our breath is our connection to life, and when this connection is unrestricted and strong, we are stronger physically and mentally. The broader focus is finding a deep inner strength that supports everything we do. With that in mind, we are working on core abdominal strength balancing with a strong focus on developing steady and strong breath.

  Breathing (3 rounds of 10 pumps) (5mins)

  • Kapalabhati

Warm up (10mins)

  • Sun saluation 3 rounds (focus on deep inhalation and exhalation)
  • basic abd curl
  • criss cross oblique curl

Standing poses (require core strength of the transverse abdominus) (15mins)

  • Virabhadrasana II

bring students bend and straighten the front leg with the breath inhale straighten/exhale lunge.

  • Uttitha Parsvakonasana

Inhale in warrior II, exhale into the side bend (resting front arm on bent front leg) and inhale back to warrior II. Repeat with several breaths before holding extended side angle.

  • Utkatasana

cue students to avoid leaning forward by pulling the upper torso back through engaging the abdomen muscles.
Seated n supine Poses (15mins)

  • Navasana
  • Vakrasana
  • Jathara Parivartansana (focus on sensations and movements of the belly with breath)

Savasana (10Mins)

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