Themed Class: Getting into Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose)

Themed Class: Getting into Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose)
10 mins – Warm-Up & Stretching
15 mins –  10 sets Sun Salutations  variations for each set: Virabadrahsana I, II, low lunges, standing splits, trikonasana

15 mins-  Low lunge – push hips forward, hands raised up straight, arch backwards, hold for 10 breaths, then perform other side. Repeat both sides 2 times.

Swan – 1 leg bent in front with back leg straight (with knee pointing towards ground), hips squared to front, raise hands up and lower chest forwards towards front thigh. Hold for 1 minute. Then bend back leg at knee towards buttocks and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat actions of other side.

Half splits – kneel on mat and stretch 1 leg straight out in front keeping bent knees of other leg at right angles. Raise hands up and lower chest towards thigh of outstretched leg in front, keeping knees straight. Hold for 1 minute. Perform same action on other leg. Repeat 2 times on both sides.
Low lunge with front leg outside of hand – Place both elbows onto ground beside front leg, with crown of head touch ground. Hold for 30 seconds. Perform same action on other leg. Repeat 2 times on both sides.
Getting into the pose (10 mins)
• Firstly assume a kneeling position and keep your thighs perpendicular to the floor.
• Now extend your right leg straight forwards, and plant your right foot on its heel.
• Slowly slide the right heel forwards, keeping the leg straight – try to keep your kneecap pointed directly towards the ceiling. Meanwhile, straighten your left leg out behind you as much as you are comfortable.
• Stop doing so if experiencing discomfort or pain.
• When a stretch is reached that is as comfortable as you feel, raise your palms high up above your head, in a prayer position. You may also arch your back gently.
• Hold this posture for a 10 breaths.
• Then place both hands down on each side of front leg and do 8 push-ups in the same position.
• Bend the right leg back, drawing it in towards the body, and resume the kneeling position from the beginning.
• Repeat the actions on the other leg.
10 mins: Relaxation
Benefits of this asana are:
• Provides the legs with an extreme stretch, along with the mental calmness.
• Makes your legs hips and waist flexible and well-toned as well.
• Cures various menstrual problems and regulates the flows.
• Helps in secretion of sex hormones. And maintain them in a definitive quantity.
Precautionary measures:
• Place a blanket under your heels that may help you slide forwards.
• If you can’t straighten your leg completely, support yourself with your hands, or with blocks.