The sound of the universe

Through the sound OM we retune our inner rhythm and experience the vibration of all being.  The humming sound of OM is called Pranava as it is connected to our life force or Prana.
OM. Opening your mouth wide, forcing the air out past your glottis you turn breath into sound. This powerful vibration created a sudden calm over the room as the air became alive around us. The feeling of the air moving up my throat and bouncing past my lips moved my thoughts from my mind. Straight away I became conscious in that moment. All other thoughts were lost to nothingness. My mind had turned from continuous motion to paused. As if watching a TV screen and it suddenly going blank, silent and calm.
All focus was now on the creation of sound. The constant repetition of OM. Letting your lips and body relax to overcome the feeling that you are doing something new and strange. Once you get past the fear that you might sound different to other people in the room or that you might not be able to hold the breath for as long you get lost in the OM.
The feel of the room seemed to change. I could sense the energy moving, touching my skin and uplifting me. The sound was vibrating around the room and turning into movement. The more we repeated the sound the stronger the energy became. The sound was penetrating everything in the room.
As the sound stopped and we became engaged again I felt an empty feeling. Everything was still and my body was clean and pure inside. I felt very light. There were no thoughts rushing back and I was content to sit there in my own world while everyone carried on with their discussion. As I slowly came back to reality and the noise of everyone talking I felt energized and ready to practice.

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