The power of Meditation

The power of Meditation

For some strange reasons I’ve always thought that meditation goes along with some kind of psychic power. It was only until I found myself in need of help that I had to discard any preconceptions in order to open up and learn all about the real science of meditation through yoga therapy.

Starting with the practice of different pranayamas (breathing techniques) I soon appreciated the quiet and peaceful time I was giving to myself. Time, which I didn’t even know I had.

I’m not talking about days or hours, no, just a few minutes daily bringing me peace and happiness and it wasn’t before too long that the benefits of this practice started to creep into my daily life. I’ve learned that by regulating and observing my breath, my thoughts would slow down allowing me to approach difficult situations in a much calmer way than before.

Every day I managed to sit longer, stiller and more concentrated and my breath was getting deeper and deeper, which slowly led me into a state of meditation. After practicing for several weeks, I’ve noticed that not only my mental state took on a turn to the better but I also became aware of positive physical changes happening in my body.

However, I can’t take sole credit for this extraordinary experience. It was only with the help of a truly dedicated teacher whom I have to be ever so much thankful for.

The end of this therapy has also been the start of my yoga journey. A journey that undoubtably will be my companion for many years to come.

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